• Having heavy meals post sunset is not advisable.
  • Our body is designed to have seasonal fruit juice with breakfast, buttermilk with lunch and milk at night. [for Indian weather conditions]
  • Avoid consumption of sugar.
  • Use unrefined Jaggery and honey instead of Sugar.
  • During sunrise and mornings ones digestive system is very active and the body is ready to absorb all the essential ingredients from food to upkeep the prana– thus have heavy breakfast.
  • Heavy breakfast, lunch should be half of breakfast and dinner before or at the time of sunset half of lunch.
  • Curd and Urad dal preparation should never be consumed together.
  • Use unrefined oil and pure ghee for cooking. Usage of refined oils is bad for the body, as it contains chemicals which will be deposited in the body leading to various diseases.
  • Never consume carbonated drinks like Pepsi and Coke. Human body is designed for intake of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide, then why consumes carbonated drinks.
  • Avoid consumption of Maida[refined wheat]
  • It is advised not to consume food in standing position and neither on dining chairs.
  • It is advised to consume food in Padma Aasana or in squatting position.
  • Avoid using Refrigerator at homes.
  • Never consume refrigerated items or food stored in refrigerator.
  • Avoid using micro wave.
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