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Tulsi Honey: Buy Tulsi Honey Online in India by future organics, It is 100% natural honey is filled with nectar collected from flowers of the Holy Basil (Tulsi) herb, is delicately mild and sweet with warm herbal undertones.

How to take Tulsi Honey: Add two teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice to a glass of warm water and drink to fight a cold. Holy Basil leaves (Tulsi leaves): Considered as a sacred plant in Hindu belief, tulsi leaves can fight off a range of infections, including colds and cough.

The health benefits of tulsi leaves: Tulsi also contains a lot of antioxidants and micronutrients, which helps with weight loss, Improves Liver Function, Control Blood Sugar, Best Cancer, Control Cortisol levels, Boosts Cardiovascular Health and  your immune system by protecting it from damage caused by free radicals. The herb is known to cure fever, help treat respiratory diseases such as asthma, and help wounds heal faster.

Our honey has the perfect blend of taste and appeal. The rich appeal and the dark color of the honey symbolizes its purity and its rawness. Its subtle flavours and its mouth-watering smooth texture makes it a go to ingredient on a cold rainy evening. Add to make your desserts, muesli or coffee extra tasty or simply sip with warm water.

Key Health Benefits of our Honey:

  • All Natural
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Goodness of Tulsi – Holy Basil
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • High in Vitamin & Minerals
  • Probiotic
  • Fresh from Beehives
  • Boosts Immunity
  • No artificial color / flavour
  • Healthy & Delicious

We have many other Tulsi honey products like Tulsi honey soap is a best product in this combination.

THULASI  HONEY  SOAP :  This  wonderful  soap  bar  is  all  hand  poured  and manually  cut,  and  is  made  with  cent percent  raw  goat  milk  without adding  any  water.  Since  the  ae on  of  time,  Tulsi  that  contains  Vitamins  C and  A,  phytonu trients,  is  considered  as an  in  comparable anti-oxidant. Enjoy  the  benefits  of  this  ancient in  gradient  called  the  Holy  Basil  that  is combined  with  pure raw  goat  milk  for  that  beautiful  moisturizing, soothing  and  radiant  skin.  Its wiftly  fight  s acne  and  eczema,  soothes  poisonous ivy  rashes,  and  ceases any  it  Ch’ing  sensation.

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